June 26th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice letter darling and I thought I would answer it right away.
It is 6 o’clock and it really was a swell day here today. I didn’t do very much this week, Monday and Wednesday and tonight I went to the show. Last night I played badminton and won 20 cents.
Well darling it is only 5 weeks more but I want to mention something. I can get permission to marry from the Air Force but there is a rumour that I might not be able to get my leave until September. But as I said this is only a rumour. But in a couple of weeks or maybe even a week I will know definitely.
Go ahead and assume that we can have the wedding in August as planned but if it just happens that I cant get my leave until September we will have to postpone it for a couple of weeks.
However darling I will try and find out within the next week just how things are. Don’t feel too badly about this darling because I will do everything within my power to try and get the first 2 weeks in August for us.
Darling I’m getting so excited. I don’t know how I’m going to last another month. I guess that I’m letting my excitement get the best of me.
I was just thinking how fast the year has gone, it doesn’t seem like any time has pasted since we were up in Midland and I really had a wonderful time there. I wish we were there now just the two of us. Boy does the cabin down by the lake ever look attractive to me now.
But it would look more attractive with you in your new bathing suit. I think I am going to have a wonderful time looking at all the lovely presents that you have received.
Our new hut is really ok. It is the farthest one from the Camp and is practically out in the woods. The only thing that the boys was is a nice little girl to share their bunk with, they don’t mind if it was crowded.
You never told me if Anna like married life. I guess she has got over her nervousness. I don’t think it would take her very long.
I am writing Lloyd the same time as you so he will have his letter on Monday.
Well darling I know that this is a short letter but I will answer the letter I expect tomorrow or Sunday and I hope that I will have a little more news for you. I noticed that there was a William Alfred Lewis married in Toronto at firsts I thought it was me just ahead of time.
Well darling, loving you more and more every day and getting ready prove it.

Goodbye darling


P.S. learn all you can at the christening of your sister because you be at your own in about 11 months!

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