June 24th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received your very nice letter and as usual I am answering it right away. The weather here today is not so very good.
We moved into brand new barracks yesterday and boy whey are even better then Trenton darling if you were just here I think I would be the happiest person alive.
The rooms are divided into compartments of 2 bunks each. We have a radio and right now Glen Miller is playing “Body & Soul” boy it really is swell and darling that’s the way I’ll be yours in another month, boy and soul. Gee I am really getting excited myself. Well you will be mine body and soul too. That is what you are going to promise in about 4 weeks. That really sounds swell to me.
Well darling I didn’t need your recommendation. But I’ll have G.O’s permission in about a week. So don’t worry darling they haven’t refused anyone yet and incidentally everyone was given a Wasserman Test the other day and I was OK. You know what that test is for don’t you?
I am sorry to hear that Queenie is gone. But I think it as for the best because she was really getting old and she was suffering.
I will write Lloyd Thursday afternoon and let him know everything. I hope Ted hasn’t gone yet, but it will do him good to get away from home. Have you bought anything for the boys yet?
Darling I’ve been thinking that I would love nothing more than a baby and I think that a little girl would be just swell. So darling you can bet that I will be right there praying for one. I hope you will too darling. But we will have a lot of time to talk things over dear when we are on our honeymoon. Wont we have a swell time dear. I just hope that I can get a place here or get a posting closer to Toronto, but that is pretty hard.
Darling I’m going to wear my blues. Khaki isn’t formal for a wedding so I think dear that would be for the best. I got a new one. So I’m not going to wear it until I come down and tell my Mother to get my sports clothes out of hock because darling we are going to step out.
I hope that my sports coat still fits me because your husband is going to take his very cute wife out and I’m going to wear that coat. Boy darling when you mentioned your bridal set you certainly started my imagination working overtime.
But I don’t think that you will need pyjamas because darling I promise that you will be real hot without them.
We were down on the ranges yesterday but I really only did fair with the gun. I think tomorrow I will be much more of a sharp shooter.
Well darling I’m afraid that is about all the new for now. But I will write as soon as I get your next letter and I hope that is tomorrow. So for now darling with all my heart, I give you all my love.



P.S thank you for taking care of so many of the details.

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