June 24th, 1942

Bill Darling:

Here I am again the O’l Toronto pest again but boy do I love pestering you. I received your very lovely letter dear on Monday.
Well darling what is new with you? Are you behaving yourself? I hope so. Gosh dear it is only about 5 more weeks until I get to tell everyone you are my husband and every once and a while I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming because it all seems so wonderful to be true. I get so thrilled every time I think about it and just think dear it will have been about 10 weeks since I last saw you dear and Bill I wish I could only make you realise how much I have missed you and also how much I love you but I think you know that, and I can hardly wait until I am alone with you.
Everyone keeps asking me if I am getting nervous yet, but I am not afraid I am just thrilled although I won’t say how I will be feeling until the great day comes alone.
I haven’t been doin much this week except getting lots of sleep because from what you say I will need lots of sleep. I do not think that I will need to take a club with me on our honeymoon as I am a Toronto girl and can take care of myself. HA HA.
Have you written Lloyd yet? I wish you would hurry and write dear because I have my invitations all ready to send out but I want to wait until you have written Lloyd so let me know in your next letter if you have or not and if you have not just look out.
Tonight I am in the house all by myself. Mother and Auntie Jessie have gone over to Auntie Lizzie’s and Pop had gone down to Auntie Bessie’s to fix her lights as something happened to them and Marg has gone out visiting so do you think you could take the night off and come home? I will expect you in 15 minutes gosh I wish that could happen but chin up Doreen old girl it won’t be long now.
O bought my bridal set the other day dear and is the nightie ever cute but I am expecting you to keep me warm dear as the nightie certainly will not. DO you think you can keep me warm, I said warm not hot!
I was talking to your Mother tonight and she was over at your Aunt’s all day as they were making our wedding cake and it is all finished. I haven’t seen it yet but I bet it is swell and I will have to send it out to be iced. They had a small one left over so your Mother said to keep it for the first Christening, boy your Mother sure isn’t slow. She is going to the show with Mother and I tomorrow night, we are going to see Mikey Rooney in “Babes on Broadway” so I think that should be good. Then I am going over to see your Mother and Pop on Friday. They are both fine but I guess you will have had a letter form her telling you she is fine by the time you receive this. I was supposed to meet your father today about getting my wedding ring but I want to look them over first or something so I don’t think I will be meeting him until Friday. Your Mother thought it would be a good idea to get my ring now as the price of jewellery is going up.
That was your Mother that phoned dear telling me to meet your Dad tomorrow afternoon, gosh dear I will you were here to help me pick it out. I am all excited about going to pick it out.
So there is another fellow in your hut but who is he going to be married to next week? Well dear I finally got the pictures developed but I cant send them down tonight because Aunt Jessie was to take them home and show them to Mrs. Kerr but I will try for sure to send them down to you tomorrow night as Aunt Jessie will bring them back with her. There is one of the baby sitting on my lap, it is very cute, but if you show the boys they might start calling you Daddy.
We have been having terrible weather here lately. I only hope we get nice weather when we are on our honeymoon. I don’t think there has been a day gone by that it hasn’t rained. Remember this time last year we had grand weather as we were up at Midland.
Bill dearest I am just listening to the grandest music on the radio and I just close my eyes dear and I imagine I am dancing with you. I have a great imagination when I want to but just think of all the dances we will have together when you come home I only hope I can still dance.
Poor Marg she is feeling sort of blue today because she got a phone call from Ted last night saying that he asked to be moved because he did not want to be an instructor and that course doesn’t finish until another 6 weeks so I guess he will be posted this week. Gosh that guy doesn’t know when he is well off but I was thinking maybe he didn’t do so good in his exams (gosh I am catty).
You were also asking me dear is I would get tired of you loving, what a silly question to ask, you know I will never tire of your loving, or of my loving you. Your mean my whole life to me Bill dear so just remember that.
My old Sunday school teacher just phoned me tonight to ask if Marg and I would like to go over to the Island on Saturday afternoon for a picnic but I don’t know if I will go yet, I will wait and see what Marg says.
Mother is having Beverley Christened this Sunday so the whole family will be out to church that morning. Poor Pop he has to hold her so I only she doesn’t cry because he gets so nervous when she cries. He is doing OK for himself he gets one daughter Christened on week and a few weeks later he walks his other daughter down the aisle to get married.
Well dearest I guess I will close now as you can see by this half piece of paper that I have run our of paper to write on but I will write you again on Sunday and hoping that there is a letter for me tomorrow,

All my love from your wife to be dearest


P.S have I ever got a special set of kisses for you…can you take it? HA HA

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