June 21st, 1942

Bill Dearest:

Well darling it is now 9PM on Sunday evening and we have just come in as we re out for a drive. We took Auntie Bessie and Jessie with us tonight and went as far as Frenchman’s Bay. It was a lovely drive but it started to get cool now.
I received your lovely letter dear on Thursday but I thought I would wait and write you tonight as you would have received my last on a Saturday.
Wahts new dear? Are you getting excited? I am my tummy keeps acting up on me and gosh I can hardly wait for August to come but I guess you know that by now as I keep telling you in every letter.
Ted came in this weekend so Marg and him went over to the island this afternoon and he is leaving tonight at 9PM and is going back by train. I asked him if he would be an usher and he said he would be glad to if he is here, but he heard htat there was a lot being posted to Alaska, but if he is not here I can always get my cousin Raymond, or have you anyone else in mind. Raymond went to camp in Niagara today for his 2 weeks as he is in the reserve army. I’ll bet it will do him good.
well our English chap left for Prince Edward Island and he said if he could get his leave in August he would come down for my wedding.
Marg and I went to Anna’s and Jack’s wedding on Thursday night and it was a grand wedding and Anna made a lovely bride. She was married in a long white dress and boy was she nervous. She cried all during the service but Jack was fine. He kept smiling at Anna all the time and when they kissed boy did they go for it. Both my Mother and your Mother warned me not to do a thing like that because it was a disgrace. I missed most of it because I was behind a woman with a big hat and I couldn’t see very well.
It was a very formal wedding. Jack has tails on and so had the best man and also the ushers but I wasn’t the least bit envious because I will be just as proud walking down the aisle in my short dress.
Your Mother and Dad came around to see us this afternoon and you Mother bought me some more towels and gosh are they lovely. We had your Father holding Beverley and he was in his glory. Then I took her and your Mother said in another year I will have my hands full of one of my own. I just told her that I would park the babies on her and she said “oh Yeah” but your Dad said sure thing.
I went and ordered my invitations on Friday so I will get them next week I hope as I need to start sending them out. I also had to have your middle name dear so don’t faint if you hear the minister call your middle name out at the church.
Have you got permission yet dear? Gosh it would be awful if they wouldn’t give it to you.
I went to Lou’s last night with Marg McLeod and saw a swell picture and then we went to the Honey Dew afterwards and had a nice long talk. She is not getting married for a while and she told me to tell you she was asking for you.
I phoned Jack Dowds but he is on some kind of guard duty and wont be off until Tuesday so I will have to wait till Tuesday before I can ask him. Have you written Lloyd yet? You had better hurry and ask him.
Well darling I finally got all the pictures taken but I wont be bale to send them down to you till my next letter as I will take them in tomorrow and have them developed. I know dear you will think me terrible for being so slow in sending them down to you but I have said we have had terrible weather.
I am going up to Jan’s for supper one day this week so perhaps I will learn a thing or two but I don’t think so (boy am I conceited) She doesn’t think she will be able to see Jack until August the 13th. He is on some sort of duty guarding the plant at Niagara and gets off there afternoons a week just for a few hours but she was going to take a chance to go and see him today by bus. She is worse than us dear because she had only 3 days with him and just think darling we will have about 10 days won’t we.
Oh darling if you only knew how excited I am to see you. I think I will be down at the station when you come home, hours before the train is here please let me know dear when you will be home because if you were to just drop in on me I think I would faint.
By the way dear how was my letter of reference?
Well dear we got rid of Queenie. Dad took her away last Wednesday when nobody was around because he knew we would all make a scene if we had been here but gosh it almost broke my heart when Dad told me and I just sat down and had a good cry. The house seems so empty without her but she was suffering so I guess it was the only thing to do and poor Pop he had to wait and see her die he felt so very bad.
Well darling I guess I will close now as I have to press a blouse and skirt for work tomorrow and help Mom make the lunches up. They have just gone down Danforth to get me some stamps for your letter.

Loving you very, very much
your dearest


P.S hurry and write soon

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