June 20th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received your lovely letter dear and it was really swell. It really makes me feel so happy to receive such a nice letter from a person who you love so much and darling, you really do know how much I love you.
I received your ministers letter yesterday but I just found out that I don’t think I will need it. I don’t think I will have any difficulty down here.
It’s only 6 more weeks as you say dear. I guess that will go pretty fast for you dear because I guess that you will have a lot to do. Things are pretty quite down here now and there is practically nothing to do after work. Bob and I had a 48 hour pass Thursday and Friday but we did not go out of the camp. we slept till about 11 and got up. In the afternoons we played badminton.
I was talking to couple of fellows yesterday who had got back from overseas.. They told me that the Scotch girls were the hottest stuff they had ever met. I certainly hope that you can keep up heir reputation seeing as you are Scotch. Do you think you can?
The weather this morning is not very good. It is raining pretty hard. But our huts are really cozy. We have a furnace in each one and you husband to be at least will know how to start a furnace. We have a couple of radios too and darling whenever I hear some swell music do I ever daydream about dancing at the Palais Royale with you.
I think we could perhaps we could squeeze a night down there on our honeymoon. Just think darling just the two of us dancing down there. Then coming home together and not having to part all night. Boy that really sounds swell to me.
I read in the paper that the gasoline has been cut down. Well if we just cant use the car we could always take the train but we will have a couple of days to talk everything over when I come down there.
Are you going to buy the present to Jack, Lloyd and Ted?
By the way dear there is another fellow we bunk with who is getting married to a Toronto girl next week and boy you should have seen what they did to him. We put shoe polish on him. That is on certain spots. I’ll leave that to your imagination. I can hardly wait to get a hold of those pictures dear.
You know dear that this has been the longest time we have been apart in 5 years. I think that it is a good thing because I know that I growing so in love with you more and more each day.
Darling, I have not received a letter from my Mother for a week and I don’t remember if I sent her a letter or if she owes me one. I’m glad to hear that my Aunts are going to make the cake. I really think that they are to “tops”.
I was thinking that I could perhaps buy a little corsage for each of them but perhaps that just isn’t done. Speak to my Mother about it. I could order them when I get home. I guess that I will have to write a long list of things about, but I will do so when I get down there.
But there is one thing that I won’t ever forget and that is to give you lots of loving. I know I will never get tired of that.
There is a good picture coming to the show here. Tomorrow night it is “The Hound of the Baskerville” a real spooky picture. That is the kind that I like.
Well darling everything seems to be going pretty smoothly but is there is anything you want write me right away. I’ll write you Monday or Tuesday or as soon as I get your letter. So darling write soon and darling loving you more and more every day and saving up all my love until I see you again.



P.S I am thinking that you better get a supply of little blue and pink clothing….the sooner the better.

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