June 17th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your grand letter on Monday but gosh I have been so busy that this is the only chance I have had to write you and darling I want to tell you it was a lovely letter. I love you more and more each letter and boy, that is a lot.
How are you dear? Have you been doing anything exciting other than working and going to the show? I am all by myself, Mother has gone to Auntie Bessie’s and Dad has gone out in the car and Marg was out for supper. I have just finished having a bath and washing my hair to be all ready for Anna’s wedding tomorrow night. They had their rehearsal last night.
Well darling I will tell you what I have done this week so far. Monday night I went woo Anna’s Trousseau Tea with Mother, your Mother, Marg and Mrs. Simpson. She had a lot of nice things but for a long time she had been thinking she hadn’t got much to show for it. I have almost as much as her except that she has had 3 showers and also all her wedding presents were there but I will have more clothes than her.
Darling are you disappointed that I am not wearing a long dress to be married in are you? I think a short dress is just smart and I think it will be pretty nice. I cannot tell you what it will look like as that would spoil everything but I will tell you that it is going to be white.
Last night we had a blackout here but I went to the show with Irene, Jessie and Nick but it was still one when we came out of the how but it was quite light out. It lasted for 2 hours.
To night I went out and saw the minister to get my letter and he was very nice and we have definitely got the church for August 5th and I think we will het the church on Tuesday for the rehearsal at 7PM and also 7:30 on Wednesday if you get up here on Monday morning that will be soon enough dear as we have so much to talk over.
I will ask Ted to be an usher when he comes home this weekend as he gets a 36 hour leave. Your Mother also phoned Mrs. Dowds yesterday to see where Jack was stationed and that lucky guy is still down at Manning Pool, so I phoned tonight but I was too late as he had just gone out but I will phone tomorrow and ask him but you better write him anyway.
I do not think you will have to write Ted and formally ask him to be an usher I will explain it all to him. We are going to have the reception at Mallony’s Art Galleries or did I tell you in my last letter. I think that there will be about 60 guests and I think that is really cutting it down. I am going to get my invitations this Friday as they are supposed to be out 5 weeks ahead of time and dearest it is only 6 weeks away.
Oh isn’t that wonderful.
Oh by the way dear the minister wrote me a letter but he forgot to bring it tot he church with him so Dad has gone up to his house to get it for me. I will send it down to you in another envelope.
Have you put on any weight yet? I hear you were asking your Mother if I was putting on weight, just what do you mean by that? That sounds awful bad you asking if I put on weight. Do you want me to be fat? I hope you have put on some weight as you looked very slim the last time I saw you. Regardless I will love you the same whatever weight you are.
Your Mother was asking me where we were going that first night, she thinks we should go to a hotel then start out in the morning but we will not tell anybody where we are going. what do you think we would be the best idea. I got my bathing suit today and it is very cute. You never told me you got a new suit for the wedding or are you going to be married in your summer issued uniform because I will have to let Ted and Jack know so they will wear the same as you.
I came home on the street car with your Dad tonight and he said how many more weeks Doreen and I said just 6 and he seemed just as excited as I am. I won’t be able to go around and see them this week but I will goa round for sure next week or I might drop around and see them on Sunday.
Your Pop is looking good and he is still busy painting the house. Oh darling lets both pray that these 6 weeks will hurry up and go by, Bill I miss you so much.
Bill dear are you going to wear pyjamas the first night or do you just want me to keep you warm? I am also trying to acquire a tan by coming home from work on Saturday and sitting in the backyard. I promise dear to have pictures in your next letter the weather has been so dull I have not had a chance to finish the film in the camera. We will finish the folm as Marg and I want to take some pictures in our evening dresses before we go to the wedding.
My boss was trying to give me some tips on married life but I told him I knew all about it and he just laughed and said if I wanted to know anything just to ask him. As if he would be the first person that I would ask. He is such a creep. You should see all the kidding I take from the men in the office. It is a good thing that I do not blush very easily.
When you Mother gave me the towels she had a big pair of white ones she said that they were for our future baby.
Well dear I think I will finish now as I want to set my hair and go to bed as it is now 10PM. Oh did I tell you my full name in my last letter. If I didn’t then here it is.
Doreen Marguaretta Booth.
So until I hear from you, look after yourself dear because you mean everything to me>
Loving you with all my heart dearest,


P.S How do you like my collection of stamps on the envelope?

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