June 17, 1942

My dearest Doreen:

I received your letter about 20 minutes ago and since I haven’t a thing to do I’ll answer right away. I wrote you a letter on Saturday or Friday but the weather was an still is so bad that I think the Air Service is being held up.
But yours came through fast so I really don’t know if mine is being held up or not.
Well darling it is only 5 1/2 more weeks the time is going by slowly but it wont be long now. I told you in my last letter what I think you could buy the ushers and Lloyd. I think Ted would be fine as an usher and I’d like to get Jack Dowds as the other one but I don’t know how to get in touch with him. I wonder if it would be alright for you to phone his home and to also ask Ted. I have not written Lloyd yet but I will next week.
Now darling if you need any more money don’t forget to ask for it. I’m sorry that I haven’t sent any more pictures but the weather here has been so dark and wet that it is impossible to take a picture.
When you had mentioned that you had been to Jackson’s Point it brought back a lot of very nice thoughts. I think darling that was the place that I really started to care a lot for you. But Midland really reminds me of how much I truly do love you. I would like to get up to Jackson’s point for a night or two. I’m lining up a little program for us darling. I just want to wait to see you in person before we decide on any final decisions.
Jack isn’t here darling and I haven’t seen Doris’ boyfriend and you never told me that he had come down to see me.
So it looks like Ted is getting serious with Marg well, its about time and I guess by the time he and Marg have a little kiddie we will have our fourth, according to the way I feel about you. But of course a lot depends on you dear.
A lot of the boys that I met or saw in Trenton are starting to come through Halifax before they ship off overseas. And tell me tell you dear a lot of them have gotten married. In fact one of the lads is expecting an addition next month. So darling if I’m anything like him we will soon have an addition of our own.
Darling I can honestly say that I’ve been in bed every night by 11:30 since I have been down here. So that and the fact that I’ve been getting really swell food. I think that I will be in really swell shape for our holiday.
We have an orchestra here dear and there are 6 fellow in it. Four of them are from Toronto and three of them are from the Fireman’s Orchestra and the other one used to make flower arrangements.
I’ve been making plans dear and I think it would be nice for us to stay up at Peterborough for a couple of day. We could go up by bus or train and it so lovely and romantic up there dear. That it would be something to remember all our lives. But you are in for so much excitement and so many thrills that you will have an awful lot to remember. The boys that I was talking to said been married was so damn nice that they should have done it years ago. That’s the way I think I am going to feel.
Well darling I guess that is about all from your Halifax correspondent but I’ll write you another little note in two days. I think that is what I’ll do from now on try and write you a little note every 2 days. So darling write as soon as you get my letters.

Love from your very, very lonely husband to be.


P.S I miss you to the moon and back.

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