June 7th, 1942

Hello Darling:

It is now Sunday afternoon so here is that letter I promised you. I would have written sooner but as I said in my last letter dear, I haven’t had any time between wedding showers and weddings but after next week I hope it will be all over.
Have you been doing anything exciting down there since I last heard from you? You better not as I am expecting a lot from you in August in the way of excitement.
Oh Bill darling I wish it was August now I am getting so lonesome for you. They are now playing “I will see you again” on the radio and gosh don’t I wish I could.
Darling I want to tell you that I received the letter with the money and I wish to thank you very much dear. I think I am a very lucky girl getting a husband like you. I only hope I will make you happy dear.
Darling you were saying that the money was for the minister etc. Well dear you give the money to the best man to give to the minister the day we are married and you also have to pay the organist and the caretaker and I thin the best man pays him also. So do you want me to keep the money for you and you can give it to Lloyd when you come home? Have you written him yet? I will get the license but I won’t get it till 3 weeks before we are married.
Bill could you give me the definite date when you will be home because I will have to get the minister and the church booked and I will have to know the exact date and we will have to have a rehearsal the night before the big day.
Gee I am getting excited. I met Doris the other day on my lunch hour and picked out all of my patterns and I am going to get all of my materials tomorrow.
I went up to Jan’s wedding yesterday and had a very nice time except that I missed you there. I went up with 2 other couples and we had t be there at 3:30PM and we did not leave Toronto until about 2PM and you should have seen the old bus that we went up in. I had my doubts that we would make it or not only after having a flat right at Newmarket and we didn’t arrive at the church till about 4PM and I was so disappointed because I missed her coming in but we got there just as they announced them man and wife.
Gee she looked very nice. Jack was as calm as anything although Jan was a little nervous. Jack phoned me before I left to make sure that I was going and I asked him how his nerves were and he said he was just fine.
Gee did I envy them when they were going away. Jan looked very cute.
Are you going to wear your summer issued uniform to our wedding? Jack was married in his civilian suit but I will be much prouder when I see you in your uniform.
I came home last night on the bus. I was supposed to stay up over the weekend but there was an awful lot of dinking going on and I felt out of it. There were a few fellows and girls who went into the cottage and into one of the bedrooms and they me in there and locked the door. God my knees were knocking together but they just wanted me to have a drink and to top it all off they had hard liquor. Gin, Whiskey etc. and what a job I had to refuse it. They wouldn’t believe me when I said I didn’t drink and boy do I wish that you were there with me then. I took Ginger-ale and they laughed their heads off at me. I felt like slapping their faces but I smiled and kept my temper and said I liked drinking my soda and they all took it with good fun. So that is why I came home on the bus but all in all it was a nice wedding.
Ted came home last night for the weekend and it was his birthday and Marg gave him a lovely camera. I was over to see your Mother and Dad on Friday night and you Aunt Mattie was there and your father was painting the veranda. When I arrived he was in his glory. As usual your Mom and Pop are fine although your Uncle Jack is not very good. we all had a nice talk and guess what the topic was. I got a lecture from your Mom and Aunt, all in good fun, that I should now start a family for at least 2-3 years. But after I see my little sister Beverley I am not sure how long I can wait but time will tell.
Bill she is a darling and she is getting so big. Mom has just gone upstairs to out her to bed. Everybody is fine here including me and boy am I raring to go and get married.
I am so glad you were able to see Jack Sherman, have you seen him again or has he gone overseas by now?
We have fellow in our office who has just come back from Halifax. He was in the Air Force and he was trying to be a flier but he kept cracking his ships up so he was washed out and what he was telling me about Halifax boy were my ears red!
We had Don Riggs around yesterday afternoon but I didn’t see him as I was at the wedding. He had been around to see your Mom also.
Darling let me know who you would like me to invite to our wedding so I will be able to send them an invitation. Is there anybody in particular you want to ask. Your Mother was telling your Aunt (Lloyd’s mother) that we are getting married and also that you will be writing Lloyd so you had better write him. Also can you give me any suggestions on what to buy him as a gift for being in the wedding? Jack his best man a billfold and also you need to make sure that you write Mrs. Dean at Big Cedar if you want to go up there for part of our Honeymoon. You have responsibilities now.
Well darling I will close now as I have to get dressed for super but I will write tyou at the beginning of the week so write soon dear.

Loving you with all of my heart dear


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