June 3rd, 1942

Bill Darling:

I received your short, weee note yesterday so I thought I would drop you a few lines and it will be a few because it is now 11:30PM and everybody I this house is in dreamland but I won’t have a chance to write you tomorrow or Friday so I thought I would do it tonight.
I went to the shower for Jan last night that is why I didn’t write you last night and I didn’t get home till 10:30PM. Anna’s boyfriend Jack met us as we got off the street-car and drove me home. Then tonight I was at a trousseau tea for Jan. I went right up from work and has my supper at her place, then I helped her Mother make the sandwiches and also helped serve the tea (boy what a wife I will make eh?) so I didn’t get home from there till about 10PM and I am tired.
What do you mean that you have not received any mail for about 12 days? I wrote you last Friday so you should have that letter by Monday and before that I wrote you a short note a week ago Sunday and I that have arrived by Tuesday. I never miss a week Bill dear without writing you and as for saying I had forgotten about you, you know that’s silly because I cant get you out of my head or my heart you are there for keeps darling.
How is the weather down there Bill? We have had terrible weather here, it has rained nearly everyday for the past week. I only hope that it is nice this weekend for he wedding.
I am going to shower for Anna tomorrow night and Friday night I am going over to see you Mom and Pop. I was talking to you Mom on the phone on Tuesday and she phoned me tonight but I was out but I called her and I received a letter from you. Your Mother was at a wedding tonight with you Aunt and Mrs. Mclomly is having a garden party on Saturday afternoon and want your Mother and Aunt Mattie and me to go but as I have the wedding I won’t be able to go but I think my Aunt Jessie is going with them.
Yes dear, you MOnther got your dollar and is going to have to have the Toronto Paper sent to you, but by the time you receive my letter you will have had one from her telling you all about it.
Bill are you going to take your 2 weeks in August? I hope so because then I will have all the more time with you.
Jan got a lovely case of silver from the Office, so that is what I am going to ask for when I leave and she has also got a transfer to the Eaton’s Collage store when she gets back so I asked this fellow in our office to see if he couldn’t get me a place in the office at the College street location as he know quite a lot of people there so he said he would keep his eyes open for me. If I get my first chance I hope that I get a job there.
Marg and I revcieved out wedding invitations for Anna and Jacks wedding and we have to go formal so I will have to wear my evening dress as I think Jack is wearing tails. I think it should be a lovely wedding. Gee I wish you were here darling to go but never mind in 2 months time it will be our own. I don’t know what I will get them for a wedding present yet. The wedding is not till 7:30 PM and I think your Mother and Aunt coming to see it.
Have you seen Jack Sherman yet? I met Lloyd the other day in the time office but I didn’t have much chance to talk to him outside of saying hello and how are you as I was in a hurry to get back to the office as I was out on a message and it was 3PM.
Well Bill we had a little excirment around here this week and it all happened to poor Marg yesterday morming. When she was going to work and she was getting up on the curb at Bloor and Yonge she slipped and fell and hurt her ankle and when we got down to the office it was hurting her so much they has to send her home in a taxi and she was suffering so much with the pain that Mother had to get the doctor and when he got here he didn’t know if it was broken or just badly sprained and wouldn’t know until she had it X-rayed. So she had to take a taxi back down to Eatons today and to be X-rayed and boy is lucky the doctor came back tonight to look at the plates and it isn’t broken but just a bad sprain and she has to stay off work all this week but she is suffering with it.
Well darling I guess I will have to finish as it is after 12 and my eyes are just closing. I still have more gossip to tell you but will write you on Sunday and tell you all abut the wedding. So good night dear and hoping to have a better week this week.
All my love dearest from your wife to be.


P.S Love and kisses from me

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