June 2nd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you very nice letter yesterday dear, and you know how much I really look forward to reading it.
I saw Jack Sherman this morning and had quite a nice little chat with him. He certainly has out on weight and looks like a million bucks. HE says that it is married life so here is hoping that it agrees with me like it has with him. I think it will darling. I guess it must be the fact that you are warm in bed when you are married.
Well anyway dear he said that if you are in the service that the girl can get the license and I don’t need a birth certificate so that straightens everything out.
I hope you have got over your cold because you want to be in good shape for August. I wrote my Aunts yesterday and gave them an invitation to the wedding but I guess we will send them a formal one later on.
It wont be very long now about 7 weeks but darling I just wished it was tomorrow. You can send your letter down as soon as you get it. Because I don’t want to leave everything to the last minute dear.
Well let me see what else now. I played basketball last night. You know, I got to get in shape as I wouldn’t want to disappoint you darling. But I don’t think I will. In fact the way I feel I know I won’t.
I am enclosing $30.00 dollars dear to pay for the minister and other things. If you get a chance you can buy something for Lloyd. I don’t know to get but I guess that is your department.
Speak to my Mother Doreen to ask Mrs. Dean if she knew of any cottages for rent up there and if she doesn’t know of any find out if we can come up for a couple of days or so to her pace. If the gasoline situation is an issue we can take the train because it only take half a day.
The weather is nice and bright but it is awfully cold at night. I had 3 blankets on my cot last night. I cant wait to get back in August but then I am afraid I will be too hot (in more ways than one).
By the way dear will you do a favour for me? I’ve got 3 of your pictures in my locker but I would like a few of you in your summer dresses. So put on a cute little dress with nice short skirts and send them to me. Just so I can dream about you when I see you in 7 weeks. You know something, I think you are very cute and have a very cute figure.
I received last Thursday and Friday Toronto Star papers so I can keep up with the home town news now. So you had better behave yourself dear or it will be in the paper.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now but I’ll drop you another letter as soon as I get your answer and I hope it is soon dear.
All my love dear



P.S I lvoe you very much too dear
P.P.S Your lipstick is very nice dear but it is your perfume that is really something!

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