June 14th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well here I am again darling with the latest Toronto gossip. I received your lovely letter dear on Thursday and looked for one on Saturday as you said you would write Thursday but it didn’t come or perhaps it will come tomorrow, I certainly hope so.
How are you keeping dear gosh just think darling just about 6 more weeks and then “oh boy”. So you were playing basketball with your underwear shorts on boy I bet the girls got a thrill, do you think you might give mean exhibition soon?
It has been very warm here this last week and I laid out in the backyard yesterday afternoon and sun burned but in a day it will look quite pleasant. I took some more sun today but the weather was too dull so I will decided to use up the rest of the film in the camera. I will take them in tomorrow and will try and have them ready for my next letter.
Have you taken any more pictures yet of Halifax? If so how about sending me some as I have started putting your pictures in your album.
Well darling we will definitely set the date for the 5th of August which is on the Wednesday they say that is the luckiest day to be married and it will be at night as Mother is going to book Malloney’s Art Galleries for the reception, she is going down tomorrow to make a deposit on it now that I have the definite date.
I will go and see the minister this week and I should my letter for you by the end of this week. Here I have set the definite date so I hope that it is ok with you dear. I will also have to get my invitations by the end of this month also. Mom was talking to your Mother today to see how many she would have coming so your Mother is going to write her list out tonight. Your Aunt Agnes and Aunt Mattie are going to make our wedding cake isn’t that nice of them? They are going to start this weekend.
Your Father went over to the States yesterday and did not get in until 5AM this morning so your MOther and I were giving it to him.
I haven’t done mush since you last heard from me. We all went to the concert on Thursday night and your Mother came with us and it was awful. We came out before it was finished and was it ever raining but we waited till it went off a bit and took the street-car. Your Father was supposed to some for your Mother but he never arrived but when she got off the street-car at Monarch Park he was there meeting her with an umbrella.
Today after we went to Auntie Bessie’s we all went for a little car ride and went to Jackson Point and darling did it ever bring back nice memories. I kept thinking the grand time we had when we went dancing at the Edgewater and then I got missing you all over again and wishing you were here more than ever, gosh but I love you.
We are all going to Anna’s trousseau tea tomorrow night and Marg and I are giving her a lamp and your Mother is going to give her a guest towel. Anna and Jack’s picture was in the paper last night, I was going to send it down to you but we threw the paper out. Anna left the office the other day and she got her front room rug from the office. I am going to ask for my case of silver.
Marg has just gone out for a walk with Nick. I didn’t go as I am busy writing your letter and once I get started I don’t like stopping in the middle.
You should have seen me when I went out last night. I wore my white suit for the first time this year and went without stockings and wore 2 roses in my hair and I was just wishing that you were here to take me dancing at the Sea-Breeze with my summer outfit on. Are you going to take your brown pants and sports coat when you go away on our honeymoon?
Our dg Queenie is not been feeling very well as of late and I think Dad might take her and have her destroyed as she is suffering. So I sort of have a lump in my throat because I like that dog very much even if she is very fat. Mother says she would sooner have her destroyed than have her suffer.
When do you think I should go and get the license, about a week before we are married and also have you decided what you are going to get for Lloyd and for the ushers? I would like to have Ted but you let me know. I am going to have Anna sing for me so I have to get her a present and also Marg, I don’t now what I will get them yet?
Did I tell you in my last letter that Marg is getting her cedar chest from Ted for her birthday? I am not supposed to know this as I might let it out to Marg but I heard Mom and Auntie Jessie talking in the kitchen. You know how good of a spy I can be.
Jan was down tot he office to see me on Friday as Jack went to Niagara on the Lake on Wednesday and boy was she looking happy. I guess love will do that to a girl, and boy am I happy!
Well darling I guess I will finish now as Mother is yelling at me to hurry up as Irene nd Jessie just came in, but I will write you as soon as I hear from you so hurry and write dear.

Loving you an awful lot dearest and just wishing the days fly by so that I can have you all to myself.



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