March 4, 1942

Hello Dear

Well darling the telegram you sent was the most welcome and best news I’ve heard for a very long time. I really hope that everything is as optimistic as you stated.
So I have a prospective sister-in-law. I think I will wait till she grows up and see if she is better looking than her sister (its going to be hard to beat)
I guess you are really happy and tell your Pop to save a couple of cigars for me.
Well darling I will be down in a week this Saturday for sure. If I can’t get a 48hr leave I’ll be down the following weekend.
Darling do I ever miss you. I think that I will marry you when I come down and we will go somewhere Saturday night. Do I wish I could you bet! Frankly though darling you realize just how much you do love a person when you are away for a month at a time and “I do love you”
I’ve been feeling a little lonely but it isnt so bad having my buddy Bob back.
I met Ronniw today and he was asking about you and Doris. I said everybody was OK. He does not look 100% but he isnt too bad.
I’m going to the Y tonight for a bit just to get out of this house. So Anna was a little worried about not gettign married? Well I’m glad that Jack did not get called up. I would hate to see anything happend that they would have to cancel it now.
I went ot another swell show at the Capital Theatre on Sunday night. It was really dandy. Saturday night I saw “Shanghai Gesture” it was a pretty good picture. Monday night I went bowling and redeemed myself. I bowled 262, 196 and 181 not bad eh?
Last night I went to the show again with Bob and it wasn’t bad.
Well Darling please write soon and do nto forget I love you very much and you better get in lots of practice with your baby sister beacause the way I feel now all that rpactice will come in very handy int he near future….I HOPE.
Seriously dear I do want to ask you some very interesting questions when I come down so do a little thinking on the subject meanwhile, as I know I certainly am and hope you are too!
Well goodnight dear and let me know if you want anything from Ottawa for your hope chest as I want to get it filled.

Good night Dear

These are just a place holder until I come down and see you in person

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