September 11, 1941

Doreen Dear

I received your very nice letter at noon today and since I’m on duty watch I have lots of time to write you. They transferred me from the hospital today. I am working in the offices of the Administration officer now. They figured that I was learning too much at the hospital and thought it best to move me somewhere else. But I think I will learn more in y present capacity which will be useful to me in my future business dealings.
Well I had a very uneventful trip up here on Sunday and got in about 2:15. I went down to Trenton station on Sunday and saw Jack Dowds. He looks pretty good. He is having quite a time with a divorcee that he is going around with now and he is having her up to Trenton for the weekend also. SO draw your own conclusions.
Last night I finished my duty watch early and went to Belleville as they were having their annual fair. And it wasn’t too bad. The mid-way was the same one that is at the C.N.E in Toronto and has the Artist and Models show and the Oriental Follies show.
A fellow was telling me that Rex can be a pilot now because of his eyes. I don’t know if this is true or not because I saw Rex after and he did not say anything about it to me. So I wouldn’t say anything about it to Hazel.
I got a letter from Alex yesterday but as usual he didn’t have much to say. He met a girl when he was in Toronto and she sent him some pictures of herself in a bathing suit. He said is he had known that she looked like that he would have looked into the matter a little further.
I forgot to tell you that I went to the show in Trenton Monday and there were 2 horror pictures showing. As you can guess by the names “Horror Island” and “The Black Cat” they were both pretty good.
We are getting better meals lately but there are 40 of us in the one room. However we have been able to get a locker for each one of us.
They are having the first dance here tonight but all those in Headquarters cant go. It is being held in the Auditorium which is right across the halls from the offices so I will be able to at least hear the music.
By the way when you say you are ahead of me, dnt be so sure. Because don’t forget it is always you who are telling me it is time for me to go home.
By the way I forgot to tell you that I had a very nice when I was working in the hospital. That is Jack Dowds might have thought it was nice. I was keeping a record of all the fellows who were expecting to catch something from the girls that they met in Trenton. But like you said I am so far ahead of you that I will have to tell you what they would be catching when you get older.
Well I guess I have said enough now and by the way don’t forget to tell me one of those jokes or yours in your next letter. Excuse me for one minute as a telegram just came in for the G.O. and I will be back in half a second…..I’m back.
I don’t think it was important. Well I guess that I has better close this off now but don’t forget to write before the end of the week.
Lots of Love
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX – these are even better than yours – and they will be better when you tell me one of your jokes!

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