August 11, 1941

Dear Bill

Well here I am again your Ol’ Toronto gossip columnist digging up more dirt to tell you, if you can take it. How was the car ride home? Were they right on time? I phoned your Mother tonight and she was sort of worried about you in case you run out of gas but I guess you all could have used your thumbs if you got stuck.
Did your chums have a nice weekend (you know what I mean) or did they obey the rules and beave like nice boys like you HA HA.
Boy oh boy what a beating I took when I went into the office this morning. Lord knows what you did to my lip but is it ever blue! My boss came up to me and said Doreen was your boy friend in for the weekend and I said yes why? He said I thought so but he must have been very rough because your lip is all blue, boy did I ever blush. I felt like saying to him you don’t know the half of it.
Have you any exams to take this week. If so here is wishing you lots of luck. Tell Leon I was asking for him. Oh and did he have a nice weekend? I was talking to Hazel today and Rex came in on Sunday at 11PM and had to leave the same night. She phoned me yesterday to tell me he was home but I was out driving with you.
I showed Anna your picture but she said she didn’t like it very much but she thought you looked very smart in your uniform on Saturday. Boy should your chest be sticking out now (Watch those buttons don’t start popping off)
I saw Ted last night before he left and believe it or not he was in good humour. He got a drive back with the same fellow who took him back the last time.
Everybody thought my pin was lovely so I am going around sticking my chest out also. Friday was Pop’s birthday and I got him a strap for his watch. I was going to write Gord tonight also but I came away and forgot the pictures again so I guess I’ll go around to your place tomorrow night and write him tomorrow.
Did you find out what happened to that fellow who yawned while in the line up? Those fellows you met at the corner of our street were they the ones you wanted to have up for dinner? They were swell. Oh boy why didn’t you invite them (I am on kidding) but that one who came from Vancouver seemed very nice but of course I don’t know they say you never know a person till you sleep with them. How well do you know me Bill? Oh boy, oh boy, I am getting terrible. You better rip up these letter Bill or some people might take them seriously!
Well I guess that’s all the new Ic an give you for now Bill but the sooner you write me the sooner I’ll answer your letters. Don’t forget to write your Mother also.
Lots of love and kisses till I hear from you


P.S. DO you notice I am increasing my kisses with every letter
P.P.S don’t go around making all the Trenton girls lips blue or I will have something to say about it

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